This month, ChowNow fulfilled our 100 millionth takeout order. While we’re only getting started upending an online ordering industry that is broken, we’ve reached this milestone for a simple reason: We’re empowering restaurants.

I started ChowNow, the only app that lets restaurants take back control of their online ordering, simply because I love restaurants.

My first look into a working kitchen came in 1992, when I was 10, at the renowned Hay-Adams hotel in Washington, D.C. The head chef at the time was Patrick Clark, a James Beard Award winner who went on to run the Tavern on the Green…

Today ChowNow unveiled Discover: a platform that connects restaurants with new customers and provides the tools to convert first time orders into lifelong diners. Below I shed light on the current state of online ordering marketplaces and reveal how Discover disrupts the marketplace model by taking a restaurant-first approach.

The Current State of Online Ordering Marketplaces

When we launched ChowNow in 2012 we set out to give restaurants an alternative to expensive online ordering marketplaces. Websites like Grubhub, Seamless, and others billed themselves, and continue to bill themselves, as a cheap and easy way to take orders online. Their pitch…

Me with a group of Defy Ventures Entrepreneurs in Training

On Friday, October 15, 2016 I was locked in a room at Lancaster Maximum Level 4 Prison for 10 hours with 60 inmates.

Thanks to Mark Suster and Brad Feld (who co-sponsored the event) I was there as a volunteer with Defy Ventures, a non-profit that I knew little about prior to last week. There’s a lot of information about Defy and their incredible founder / CEO Catherine Hoke online, so I encourage you to spend a few minutes Googling them on your own since I want to focus this post on the inmates I met. …

Christopher Webb

Co-Founder and CEO of ChowNow

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